Bulk SMS has never been easier

Use your mobile SMS plan to send your messages and forget about 3rd-party services, online SMS gateways and complicated APIs

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Send SMS messages directly from your phone. No registration and no SMS gateways required.

CSV and Excel support

BulkSMS 3.0 can extract phone numbers and additional info from both CSV files and Excel files (.xls and .xlsx)

Android 7.0+ support

BulkSMS supports all modern Android versions, including Android Nougat!

Schedule jobs

When creating a delivery job, send the messages immediately or schedule them to be sent at a date and time of your choice.

Dynamic messages

Easily customize your messages using fields, or send completely different messages to each one of your contacts!

No hidden fees

We don't charge you for the messages you send. That's your mobile carrier's job...

Use cases

Use BulkSMS to send SMS messages to multiple recipients stored on your computer or your small/medium business database, without actually having to add them to your personal contact list.

Some examples where BulkSMS can come in handy:

  • Notify your small business clients about news and special events
  • Inform your book club members of the location for your next meeting
  • Alert your students about changes in class schedule
  • Send personalized holiday greetings to all your friends and relatives
  • Quickly bring relevant contacts up to date on a crisis or emergency

Send your messages. Now.

BulkSMS is a small and powerful application that enables the delivery of generic and customized SMS messages through your carrier network to contacts that are listed in a CSV or Excel input file, without having to add them to your personal contact list.

Use your mobile SMS plan to send the messages and forget about third-party companies, online SMS gateways and complicated APIs.

BulkSMS can serve for mass delivery of messages to small or medium business clients, holiday greetings or any other message you can think of, and can function as an efficient marketing tool.

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